• Tel Aviv is one of those cities that’s very much a city but it’s also very much like a village. It’s one of those small cities with a big city heart and not to forget has those lovely Mediterranean beaches.


Tel Aviv is the financial centre and the technology hub of Israel.

The distinguished skyscrapers of Azrieli centre are among the tallest buildings in Israel, they include a shopping mall at the base of the centre and an esteemed Crowne Plaza hotel.

Transportation makes the commute simple, thanks to the building's central location and the train station that provides easy access to the complex.

Our office, located on the 22nd floor in the Azrieli circular tower, has a beautiful view of Tel Aviv and the beach.
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Just a few steps away from the office you can access the popular Azrieli mall, restaurants and a supermarket. Taking lunch outdoors is always an option!
“Tel Aviv wins praise for its tolerant attitudes and thrivings arts – ‘a kind of San Francisco in the Middle East’.”Haaretz, newsletter


We want our people to grow with us and optimise their potential, so we’ll work with you to make your time with us a truly great experience.

We offer career development opportunities – lots of our senior staff began in entry level positions. Our office is a melting pot of cultures and languages. There are plenty of dynamic people, as well as a positive, creative and friendly vibe. We are constantly following feedback from our employees about what they want and implementing numerous activities such as Hebrew classes, first aid, business English and more. We provide taxis for weekend and night shifts.

If you are a “non-Israeli”, health insurance and a pension fund is provided. Breakfast cereals, fresh fruit and not forgetting a fantastic coffee machine are always available in the kitchen.

We enjoy getting together and hosting social events during the year including summer and Christmas parties and, of course, an annual Fun Day.

Recent company events

  • Purim party
  • Family day pizza
  • Druze happy hour
  • Christmas and Hannuka parties
  • Swiss happy hour
  • 132 Menahem Begin street, Azrieli center, The Round tower

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